Sunday, February 18, 2007

Clay Aiken and Steven Curtis Chapman

Last night, Steven Curtis Chapman performed at the Winter Jam, one of Christian music’s biggest annual tour shows. Unknown to anyone, he had a special guest come on stage to sing a song. That special guest was none other than Clay Aiken. They performed a song called 'The Great Adventure', a song that Clay recorded on one of his demos before he shot to fame with American Idol. Clay recorded the following songs of Chapman's:

The Great Adventure
More to this Life
I Will Be Here

Clay has often said that he liked and admired Chapman's music and songwriting skills. In fact, Clay has sung several songs by Chapman on tour:

All About Love
The Music of Christmas, and Chapman's arrangement of
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

The Clay Nation got wind of Clay's appearance through someone who was there and before the concert ended, we already had Clack of the song. When you think about it, that's pretty amazing. In this day of technological advances, a bunch of fans can record, upload, download, and watch a performance within hours of it taking place.

While the quality of the video and the audio is not the greatest, enjoy watching this special song:

Enjoy this video by Aflack. It's Clay singing another Steven Curtis Chapman song, 'All About Love', from the Independent Tour in Spring of 2004, co-headlining with Kelly Clarkson:

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Clay Aiken gives the finger, er, hand, to tabloids

Aiken’s creative writing project

Clay Aiken is giving the finger — oops, make that a hand — to the tabloids.

The “American Idol” runner-up is so miffed about what he says are fabricated tales and pics involving his sex life that he’s invited fans to do a little creative writing about him.

“It seems over the past few weeks, the tabloids and gossip mongers have had their hands full coming up with new and exciting ‘scandals’ for me to be a part of. Yet, for all of their efforts to be on the ‘cutting edge’ and the forefront of bull---- journalism, it seems that some of them may be running out of ideas and resorting to recycling and re-hashing some of their older tall tales,” Aiken recently wrote on his blog. “With this in mind, we thought maybe we would try to give them a finger... er... a hand.”

The “Invisible” singer then invites fans to “Build-Your-Own-Scandal.” He explains: “Come up with the most outlandish story you can that places me (either alone or with others close to me) in a really juicy, tawdry, scandalous, shameful story. Then, use any photos, videos, audio clips of me that you can find along with your favorite multimedia enhancing/‘doctoring’ program (like a Photoshop or a sound/video editor) to create your ‘evidence’! Maybe you have ‘pictures’ of me being ‘abducted by oversized turnips’ or ‘video’ of me ‘dancing with a three-legged gorilla.’ Be creative!”

You go, Aiken, get down with your bad self!

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