Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clay Aiken: Happy first Father's Day to you!

I don't have anything profound to say, Clay, just that I hope you have a fabulous first Father's Day. I hope having a child is everything you thought it would be and more. There will be ups and downs, happiness and disappointment, laughter and sorrow, but mostly the days will be mundane, the fabric of everyday life.

The years will pass so fast that you'll wonder where they went. One day your child is an infant, the next, he'll be graduating from high school, then college. You'll look in the mirror and you'll wonder, 'where did the time go'? The time went into influencing your baby's personality, into being a role model with your actions and your words. Things you do and say will one day be echoed by Parker. Some of those will make you laugh, some will make you wince, yet others will make you wonder, 'where did that come from'? You'll see yourself in your child, and you'll see your mother, your brother, your biological father, your grandparents, aunts, uncles. All of your family has a genetic stake in Parker, as does Jaymes' family.

And one day, your grown child will bring home their chosen partner for life, a woman or a man, hopefully, in 25 or so years, it won't matter like it does today. And you'll realize that life repeats itself as Parker creates his own nuclear family, has a child, and sees in his

Happy Father's Day, Clay.