Friday, October 26, 2007

Clay Aiken at Lincoln Center

Tonight, Clay Aiken made his debut at Lincoln Center as part of
'Neil Sedaka: 50 Years of Hits. According to the reports, Clay looked fabulous, the hair was perfect, the suit was perfect, the cheekbones were perfect. David Foster accompianied Clay singing 'Solitaire' and high-fived him as he left the stage.

According to Corabeth:
David said, when you write a great song you can sing it a Thousand Different Ways. He started to introduce Clay and stopped and said, "no need to go through all that -- Clay Aiken." The crowd started standing on the glory note and by the time he finished the wail at the end, the entire audience was standing.

The excitement on the message boards was contagious as poster after poster after fan expressed their excitement and glee as the reports started to trickle in.

Brightstar summed it up perfectly:
Being a Clay fan is just the most fun in the world! --listening to a muffled CV cellstream and sharing gahs and giggles and sighs and sobs with fans literally across the world, brought together by love and appreciation for an amazing man with an indescribably beautiful voice.

Thank God for modern technology because it can allow a huge group of really good people to come together, take a cyber trip to NY, and hear (in real time or just a bit later) a really good man, standing in the midst of established celebrities and superstars, blow the roof off the place.

Perfectly said, Brightstar, perfectly said.