Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Wow! It's very....enlightening how some things can be so misunderstood. The blog I wrote included one of my many wtf? moments that this fandom has provided in the past four years. What I wrote was one of those moments.

If people would have read to the end, they would have seen that I said that I did not hear him say it, I was not there, I did not know if he was joking. It just provided me a wtf? moment. I think that many things Clay says have some underlying meanings and each of us interprets it through their own filters. Obviously, according to the many e-mails and PM's I received, I'm not the most popular person in Clay Nation today. In fact, I may be the most hated. I do want to thank the people who contacted me and understood what I was trying (and obviously failing) to say.

Actually, it gave me some insight to how something can be so misunderstood even though it wasn't meant to be harsh or mean. Or how trying to convey a certain thought sometimes doesn't translate very well. In the future, when reading reviews and interviews, I do think I will look at them in a very different way than I currently do now.

What Clay said is still a wtf? moment, at least to me, and I'm sorry that my lowly little opinion upset some people, but I am entitled to it. Whether he was laughing when he said it or not, I'm still entitled to a wtf? moment.

At least I didn't e-mail his mamma.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Clay Aiken puts the airport incident to bed

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Clay Aiken set the record straight about what really happened on the airplane that was, evidently, so important that more than 225 news outlets, mostly in the USA, reported this insignificant story.

No matter that we have Americans dying everyday in Iraq, children in Uganda have to wander the countryside in search of safe haven, and Afghani women and children struggle to get even a basic education. Our President's approval rating is in the 20's and he has squandered most of the good will and respect that other countries used to have for us, our politicians can't be trusted to do what's right for the American people, and New Orleans is still a quagmire of deserted and forgotten people.

But God forbid, let Clay Aiken (or his foot) be the victim of an unprovoked attack and it's stop the presses and slant your story so that it gets the most hits. Read below for Clay's exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight:

Singer CLAY AIKEN was involved in a minor dispute with a woman on a plane Saturday.

Now, in an exclusive statement to ET, the singer tells his side of the story, saying, "While sleeping on a plane over the weekend, my foot evidently found a home on the arm rest of the passenger seated directly in front of me. I didn't realize I was causing the woman any distress until she woke me up with a quick hit to the chest.

"Unfortunately, being that this happened on a plane, the FBI was called in to investigate and eventually we were all sent on our way. I'd like to thank everyone for their concern; I am fine and have taken steps to prevent any foot wandering in the future."

Clay cleverly implies that there are far greater sources of distress in the world. "Now that I have your attention," he continues, "if you'd like to learn more about how you can help the world's children, please visit ''

The 2003 "American Idol" runner-up was on a Continental Airlines flight heading to Tulsa when he and a female passenger got into a minor disagreement that led to her shoving the 28-year-old pop star.

FBI Special Agent GARY JOHNSON reportedly told the Tulsa World newspaper that the argument was between a male and female passenger, but did not give their names, saying only that the man was a former "American Idol" contestant.

Johnson added that the dispute was over the male passenger's foot resting on the woman's armrest.

The situation, however, did not disrupt the flight, and while both parties were questioned by the FBI, no charges were filed.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Clay Aiken attacked on airplane

According to researchers, "Over 125 media outlets have picked up the airplane story, including FOX and ABC News, and the NYTimes and the Washington Post." Really, I guess it's a slow news day, I mean, Live Earth is in the midst of worldwide concerts and Clay Aiken gets the headlines for something that was done to him??

Listen to Clay's take on the incident during his concert last evening:

I can't imagine what it would be like to be sound asleep on an airplane and wake up to a stranger hitting me.

According to someone who was at the meet and Greet before that evening's concert (I edited out identifying information on the eye witnesses):
I was in a meet and greet with him tonight before the concert......Clay told us
exactly what happened and he was asleep...he's a tall guy and his foot
accidentally touched her armrest...He didnt even hear her talking to him until she began screaming at him, at which point he pulled up his visor and she started swinging... she hit him 3 or 4 times and being the gentleman that he is
he did not swing back......He was not hurt......but man was he of our friends was sitting across the aisle from him and was a witness to this woman's personal attack

Yes, Clay Aiken is the King of Controversy!

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Clay Aiken and the Case of the Airport Attack

Geez. It seems that Clay Aiken just cannot get a break. First it was the Ripa incident, then the Rosie incident, then it was the tabloid incident(s). Let's set the record straight on the airport incident. According to eye witnesses, Clay was sleeping when he was attacked. That's one little piece of information that AP left out of their report. But is this a surprise? Journalists are so sloppy in this day and age.

Evidently, Clay had his ankle crossed over his knee and fell asleep. His foot was resting against the armrest of the passenger seated next to him. She was, shall we say, a mite perturbed so she hit his foot and told him to remove it. Aiken did not wake up. When he did wake up, the passenger was swatting and smacking at him.

Clay Aiken Involved in Airplane Spat

Posted: Jul. 7 10:43 p.m.
Updated: Today at 12:01 a.m.

TULSA, Okla. — Former "American Idol" singer Clay Aiken apparently was involved in an airplane disturbance with
another passenger Saturday while headed to Tulsa International Airport.

The dispute on a Continental Airlines flight occurred between a woman and a man, whom FBI Special Agent Gary Johnson confirmed was a former "American Idol" contestant.

Aiken, runner-up on the TV talent show in 2003, was headed to Tulsa for a Saturday performance at the Brady Theater. His management could not be reached for comment on the alleged incident.

Johnson said he was told the dispute was over the male passenger's foot resting on another passenger's armrest. He said the disturbance minor.

There was an allegation that the woman gave the male passenger a "minor shove" during the argument, Johnson said.

"At that point the flight crew was able to resolve the situation," he said.

The disturbance occurred Saturday morning, said Tulsa Airport Authority spokeswoman Alexis Higgins. Higgins said
the passengers were held until FBI agents arrived to interview them.

No injuries were reported and no arrests were made. The disturbance did not interfere with the flight of the aircraft, Johnson said.

Agents forwarded the results of their investigation to the U.S. Attorney's Office, which declined to file charges, he said.
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press.

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Clay Aiken takes on radio's Top 40

Clay with the Houston Symphony. Clay takes on radio's Top 40 'Classics'. Thanks to Spotlightlover for rendering the clack!

Friday evening, July 6, 2007, Clay performed a concert at Jones Hall with The Houston Symphony. Towards the end of the concert, he sang one of the songs he wrote called 'Lover All Alone'. Spotlightlover so perfectly captured this exquisite song and Clay's wonderful, emotive rendition.