Saturday, May 31, 2008

Clay Aiken: Maybe baby? Or tabloid invention?

Once again, Clay Aiken is in the tabloid news. This time, rumor has it, that Clay is going to be the father of a baby with his executive record producer, Jaymes Foster, sister of David Foster.

TMZ, that bastion of journalistic integrity *cough*, broke the story on Wednesday, which left the Clay Nation reeling because, honestly, of all the things that the fans might expect of Aiken, this was not one of them. As usual, the message boards were humming and buzzing for the past 48 hours. Is it true? It is a lie? Consider the source. Did the Foster camp confirm? Did the Foster camp deny? What’s going on? It’s not our business. I wanna know. What’s going on? Huh? Wha..? It’s all over the entertainment news. What? What? What? We wanna know!

Going on the assumption that it’s true, Clay’s fans, as usual, have a vast assortment of opinions on the situation. For some fans, this is a WTF? moment, for other fans, they are deliriously happy for him, yet other fans just want to know the truth, and for a very small part of the fandom, they are disappointed that Clay chose this path instead of the traditional path to fatherhood. It is my opinion that the vast majority of fans are very happy for Clay. True, the circumstances, if true, are a bit….different, but the fans remain, as always, supportive of Clay and his choices.

Let me state here that, unequivocally, ‘we’ do not have the right to any personal information from either Clay or Jaymes. What they do in their personal life is their business. Hell, we don’t even know if the rumor is true, but if it is, I feel badly that some scummy tabloid broke the news the way they did, especially if the parties involved wanted to keep their personal life private. Having something like this splashed across the entertainment news and rancid tabloids is probably not the way that most people would want to announce a happy event.

So, what now? What do Clay’s hard core fans do? Well, we don’t have a choice, really, we just have to wait. Wait to see if either the Foster or the Aiken camps confirm or deny, wait to see if Clay or Jaymes will make a public statement, wait to see what happens, wait for a Tour announcement…..oh, wait *g* that’s not part of the baby story, it’s just my wish to see Clay again in concert, where he shines.

So, this is MY grown-up Christmas wish. I wish Jaymes an easy pregnancy (if she’s pregnant) and a healthy baby. I wish Clay, if he’s the father of the maybe baby, a life filled with joy in the sharing of parenting his child. And dang it, I wish for a concert Tour announcement. Oops! There I go again!