Saturday, July 06, 2013

Gardening when Clay Aiken is doing....nothing :-)

Since Clay isn't doing anything in the public eye, I thought I'd write about my gardening efforts.
I've always wanted a hydrangea so this year, I bought one!  I dug a garden,


lined it with landscape fabric

Laid mulch.
laid down rocks 
I did align the rocks better, but don't have a picture
 View from the porch

 The hydrangea started out pink, but it's turning a bit purpleish (is TOO a word)

Then, for my birthday, my bestie bought me a blue hydrangea so I planted that one in the side garden (of which I'm ripping the entire thing out next year, making it bigger and replanting more lush shrubs and flowers.


I also found coconut liners for my window boxes

Last, but certainly not least, my beautiful Yellow Lab, Gracie, enjoying her yard.  Yes, she believes it's hers exclusively and she only allows me to inhabit it.

This daylily grew one bloom and stopped, I have no clue why.

Next up?  My love affair with hostas.